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Educator. Storyteller. Cultivator of hope.


Julie Loppacher is a teacher by trade and a student of life! Dedicated to working with individuals with learning differences, Julie strives to inspire people to reach their goals and rekindle their passions as they move through the world. Throughout her nearly 20 year career in higher education, Julie has worked with students and their families to help identify pathways for learning that can foster success in any environment. In 2022 Julie was recognized by the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) for her commitment to supporting students with disabilities at USC. Julie lives with her wife and their many animals in Studio City, California. 

Professional Experience

Julie is currently the Director of the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, although her career spans a variety of institutions from across the United States, including stops at the University of Maine and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  


“I have never met anyone as positive as Julie Loppacher. She has the power to truly captivate a group of people and inspire them. I’ve attended several of her workshops, and I left each feeling not only happier but with a resolution to be better, to model her attitude in my own life.”

“Julie’s compassion for the individual coupled with her passion to help others regardless of their underlying problem helped me find my own path and focus on things that mattered to my future success.
I will be forever be grateful for the relationship and guidance I received through working with her."

Work with Julie 


Julie is passionate about helping people, from all avenues of life thrive in today's ever changing and challenging world.  With nearly two decades of student development experience Julie can develop customized workshops grounded in educational psychology and the science of learning that focus on the specific needs of your group or organization. Julie has worked with professionals inside and outside of higher education, faculty, students and families on topics ranging from time management and productivity to overcoming imposter syndrome, goal setting and successfully transitioning to college.   Julie is sure to inspire and equip your team for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead!

You might have caught one of Julie's workshops through Engineerica's Keynote Speaker Program, the National Collegiate Learning Center Association, The Association for the Tutoring and Coaching Association, Innovative Educators. Let's Talk LD or various campus and community groups around the country.


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