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My Story

I consider myself a teacher by trade and student of life! Passionate about working with students with learning differences I strive to promote inclusive learning experiences that enhance the academic pursuits of all students.  With a commitment to inclusivity through language, structures and programming I work to create new opportunities for success for students and their families.  Together we can work to help students rekindle their passions and thrive in their educational experiences.   

As proud residents of Southern California, my family and I are doing our best to cultivate hope in this beautiful, heartbreaking and, often absurd, world of ours. I invite you to join us on our hope filled California adventure.


“I have never met anyone as positive as Julie Loppacher. She has the power to truly captivate a group of people and inspire them. I’ve attended several of her workshops, and I left each feeling not only happier but with a resolution to be better, to model her attitude in my own life.”

“Julie’s compassion for the individual coupled with her passion to help others regardless of their underlying problem helped me find my own path and focus on things that mattered to my future success.
I will be forever be grateful for the relationship and guidance I received through working with her."

Seeds for Success: Planning for your first year of college

It is that time of year when students and families begin embarking on campus tours and crafting their lists of schools and programs to apply to.  But did you know that there is so much more you can begin doing today to ensure that your student is successful next fall?  This workshop will provide families of college bound students tips, strategies and reflection topics to promote a successful transition to college and university for all.  




Professional Experience

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Director, Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity. As Director Julie is responsible for continuing to support student's with learning differences meeting their academic and creative potential.  To learning more about the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity visit: for more information about applying to USC visit:

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Assistant Dean for Academic Resources. As Assistant Dean for Academic Resources and Services Julie worked closely with both students and faculty to ensure that students with disabilities had access to support, advocacy and academic accommodations.  Additionally, she worked with the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program and served as the primary point of contact for the International student body population.

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Assistant Director, Office for Undergraduate Education. As Assistant Director, Julie was responsible for the growth and expansion of the EPASS Peer Programs (tutoring, mentoring and academic coaching)!  Emory has a whole host of programs and initiatives to support undergraduate students in their academic pursuits, for more information about attending Emory visit:

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Program Coordinator, Explorations.   As Program Coordinator, Julie was responsible for the Academic Recovery Program.  This program was designed to support students that struggled with their first semester of college by providing interventions such as mentoring, specific skill development and career exploration.   



Speaking Events

Invite Julie to speak to your group!

Julie will come and speak with your group be it a service group, church group, recovery group, school group or special interest group! These inspiring talks are designed to motivate and challenge you to be your very best version of yourself as you are navigating this often messy world. Specific topics include: Recovery, Learning, Hope, Leaning into the Struggle, Faith and Being Present.



Julie is passionate about helping people, from all avenues of life thrive in today's ever changing and challenging world.  With nearly two decades of student development experience Julie can develop customized workshops that focus on the specific needs of your organization be they professionals or college students and their families.  Her workshops range from, Successfully Transitioning into College, to crowd favorites such as, Time Management,  Overcoming Imposter Syndrome,  Procrastination, Goal Setting and everything in between!  Julie is sure to inspire and equip your team for the days and weeks ahead!

You might have caught one of Julie's workshops through Engineerica's Keynote Speaker Program, the National Collegiate Learning Center Association, The Association for the Tutoring and Coaching Association, Innovative Educators. Let's Talk LD or various campus and community groups around the country.



Get in touch with me for more information about workshops, speaking engagements,  or just to share your thoughts with me! I look forward to hearing from you!

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